About TextCompare

You can use TextCompare to find text difference between 2 files.

We support languages like Javascript, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS and many other.

We also have support for files like PDF, Word, Excel, CSV and Image.

If you like any feature we are missing, please contact us

Some of the technologies used to build this site are monaco-editor, jquery, ExpressJS, bootstrap and Nodejs.

You can find attribution for individual tool on the tool page itself (if any).

Various other tools we offer are:

  • Readability Tools
  • CSV Tools
  • vCard tools
  • Tools for teachers like Cloze test, Crossword, word search maker.


You can download the Windows App Store. TextCompare is also available as PWA (Progressive Web App) and can be installed on your mobile or desktop browser.

Our Story

We started as online tool to compare 2 text files or check readability for our own usage. As the traffic grew, users requested for more features and file format support.

Various text manipulation and conversion tools were added later on.

Press kit

Contact us for any details.