Compare 2 PDF files & find Differences

Compare and find diff in two pdf files easily for free. Copy/paste data or upload files and then click on find diff button to get text diff.
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Free Online Tool To Compare PDF Documents and find Differences

How to use this Online PDF Diff Tool to compare 2 files for changes?

  1. Choose 2 files you want to compare in left and right panes.
  2. Once PDF files are parsed, Compare button will be enabled. Click on it to check diff.
  3. By default PDF mode will be visible with deleted text highlighted in red color in left pane and inserted text highlighted in green color in right pane.
  4. Image mode converts each page into an image and compares them.
  5. File detail mode shows file metadata information like last modified date time, file size, number of pages, creator, PDF version etc.

How does the PDF comparison works?

  • Once you choose your files, text content is extracted from each page.
  • After extraction, only text content is compared in PDF mode.
  • For the original file, deleted text is highlighted in red color annotation and for modified file, inserted text is highlighted with green color annotations.

This is a web based tool, no software installtion required. It works on any modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc on Windows, Mac or Linux based computer. Mobile Browsers like on Android or iPhone might have some problems with touch issues.

All file processing and comparison is done in your browser itself. No file information or data is sent to our servers.

Where it doesn't work?

  • Highlighted colors and text are not aligned correctly. Contact us with files/screenshots if they are off by large amount.
  • It detect additions/removals at wrong places. Contact us with sample files.

Can You Compare Word and PDF documents?

No, both files must be PDF files. We have separate tool to compare word documents. You can always compare text content from pdf and word files manually by copy and pasting content. It supports most PDF versions based on Adobe format.

Does this PDF Compare software check for graphical content too?

Yes, sort of. Image mode converts each page to an image and then compares them. Right now, PDF mode only compares text content.

It doesn't detect any text from my pdf file.

This may be because your pdf has text as an image. You can use Image mode to compare the images. Otherwise, you'll need to use OCR software to extract text content in that case.

How Can I share the diff result?

You can export PDF files and share files directly. Insertions/Deletions are added as green/red annotations which can viewed in any PDF viewer that supports annotations.

Image diff can also be exported.

What about Privacy of my documents ?

All the extraction and comparison happens on your browser itself. No data is saved on our server unless you explicitly choose to save for select time period. After that time period, all data is automatically deleted from our database.

You data will only be visible to people who have your unique URL.

Can you compare pdf document files for free?

Yes, this PDF diff tool/software is absolutely FREE, there are no limits number of pages or size of document files you can compare. You are only limited by your browser resources limit.

Other softwares charge hefty amount just to compare two pdf files, we feel proud to do community service by making a free to use tool. We only ask you to share link to this software with friends/coworkers who might need a service like this.