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Find difference between 2 text files. Just input or paste original and modified text and click Compare button. Fast, Private & Unlimited.
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How to compare Text files/code side by side & View Diff

  1. Copy the original Text in the block on the left
  2. Copy the modified Text in the right block.
  3. Just click Compare button to view side by side comparison.
  4. View the differences highlighted in colors.

Online Text Diff Checker Tool Features

  • Privacy: This tool does all the processing on your browser, so nothing is saved on our server unless you choose to save.
  • Hightlight: This tool highlights the differences between the two Text files. It uses red color to highlight the deleted string and green color to highlight the added string. Also calculates the number of lines added and deleted.
  • Beautify: This tool can also beautify or format your Text code. Right click on the pane you want to beautify/prettify & select Format Document or click Format button. This is very helpful when you are comparing code from websites that often minify Text files.
  • PDF Export: You can save the diff view as PDF file for sharing with others privately.
  • Public Share: You can share the diff view publicly with others by saving online and sharing the URL.
  • Syntax: This Text diffing tool can show syntax highlighting for your comfort.
  • Search: You can easily find all the occurances of particular string if you want to change them.
  • Navigation: You can navigate through the differences using the arrows on the bottom right corner of the diff view.
  • Ignore Options: You can use options like trim whitespace, render side by side, word wrap for better comparison.
  • Secure: All the data is encrypted and sent over 128-bit SSL/TLS secure connection for online saved data.
  • No Installation: This is a web based tool, no software installtion required. It works on any modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc on Windows, Mac or Linux based computer.
  • Unlimited: There is no limit on number of comparisons you can do. You can compare as many Text files as you want.

Is Text comparison processed & stored on remote server?

No, all the processing is done on your 🖥 browser, so nothing is saved on our server unless you choose to save to share online.

For private sharing, you can download the diff as PDF file.

What is a Text Compare Tool?

Text compare, also known as diff (short for difference), is a process or tool used to find the differences between two sets of text. This is commonly used in programming and writing to track changes, find errors, or merge changes.

In programming, text compare tools are often used to see what changes have been made to a codebase over time. This is especially useful in version control systems like Git, where you can compare different versions of your code to see exactly what was added, modified, or deleted.

In writing or document editing, text compare can be used to track changes made to a document over time, or to compare two versions of a document to see what changes have been made.

Most text compare tools work by showing the two sets of text side by side, with differences highlighted. Some tools also provide additional features like merging changes, ignoring certain types of differences, or integrating with other software.

What are the uses of a Text Compare Tool?

Here are some common uses of a text compare tool:

  • Code Review: Developers often use text compare tools to review changes made to code bases. It helps in understanding what has been added, modified, or deleted in the code.

  • Document Review: Text compare tools can be used to compare different versions of a document to track changes over time. This is particularly useful in collaborative writing or editing scenarios.

  • Debugging: When debugging, a text compare tool can help identify differences between expected and actual output.

  • File Synchronization: Text compare tools can help ensure files in different locations stay synchronized, by highlighting differences.

  • Learning and Teaching: In educational settings, text compare tools can help students understand differences between their solutions and provided solutions or examples.

  • Plagiarism Detection: Text compare tools can be used to compare documents for similarity, which can be useful in detecting plagiarism.

  • Configuration Management: In IT and software development, text compare tools can be used to manage and track changes to configuration files.

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