How to Find Help?

You may contact us via email or contact us page.

You can find more information on using the tool by scrolling down in the individual tool page.

Why create Account?

The main benefit of creating account is that you can track of your uploaded files easily. also supports multiple programming languages. To enable syntax highlighting just change to desired language from the dropdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is uploaded data shared with 3rd party?

No, it is not shared with anyone. However, keep in mind that uploaded data is viewable by anyone with the unique id. We occasionaly check uploaded data to check for errors or performance issues.

  • Is there any downloadable offline version of this tool?

Yes, TextCompare is available as PWA which can be used offline. It can be downloaded using modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc. Look out for Install TextCompare button in URL bar. (Some features might be missing.)

  • X feature is missing. Can you implement it?

It depends, if the feature is feasible it will be implemented depending on available resources.

  • I found a bug/security issue. How do i report it?

Please get in touch. We do not offer any bug bounty as of yet.