How to compare two text files

Compare text from 2 files Easily

Do you want to compare 2 text files to find differences?

TextCompare is a tool online that help you in finding all the differences.

To find differences between to text files on TextCompare, follow these steps:

  1. Open the first file in your preferred editor.
  2. Copy the content (Ctrl-C) on to memory
  3. Paste the copied content in left pane (marked 'Original Text') using Ctrl-V.
  4. Repeat above steps for second file, and paste the content in right pane (marked 'Modified Text')
  5. Click Compare button.
  6. Voila, all the differences should be shown to you in a nice colored output format.
  7. If you want to share this diff with your friends/coworkers, you can choose time limit from the dropdown for selected period.

You can also change the text from 'plaintext' to different language for nice syntax highlighting.

how to compare and contrast two texts

Textcompare already has colored highlights to contrast between the diffs. Green means text is added in modified version & Red line indicates removed text.

Does it work in Windows?

Yes, if your computer is connected to internet, then it will work in windows. You can use textcompare in any modern browser.

Compare two text files

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