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Infographics are quite popular among our readers and are widely shared by them. They tend to attract more views since Infographics are generally shared more than regular text content.

Publish Your Infographic

Want your Infographics to gain more exposure? You have come to the right place. Although Textcompare has been accepting Infographics for quite a long time now, we have made it all the more easy for you. You can now directly submit them using the form below. We have a few guidelines :-

  • Only ONE backlink per Infographic.
  • Some unique text/description (Minimum 150 words) along with each Infographic.
  • It should be well designed and not some text splattered over an image.
  • We own the right to reject Infographics that do not fit our requirement

There are two types of submission criteria

Express Infographic Submission

Choose this option if you value time over money. In Express submission, we will publish the infographic with in 48 hours (if it meets our guidelines).

We charge a one-time fee of $40. We will send you the payment details soon after your submission request.

You can also try the free option by going for Basic Submission.

Basic Infographic Submission

The Basic Submission ensures that your Infographic will be reviewed by one of our editors and published if and when approved. “When” usually depends on the number of submissions in pipeline. It may take between 2-3 weeks before your submission goes live. “If” obviously depends on how well you have read our guidelines.

Example submission