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How to Find Help?

You may contact us via chatbox or contact us page.

You can find more information on using the tool by scrolling down in the individual tool page.

Why create Account?

The benefit of creating account is that you can manage your diffs/uploads easily.

Find difference between 2 text files?

Find difference between 2 text files can often become daunting task. This tool was created to ease that task. To use this tool simply paste text in original and modified area and click 'Check'. You can also check 'inline' option for side-by-side comparison.
Code compare also supports multiple programming languages. To enable syntax highlighting just change to desired language from the dropdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any downloadable offline version of this tool?
    Not yet but an offline version in planning stage. Meanwhile you can continue to use online version as data processing is only done browser and no part of data is sent to our server unless to save it for sharing.
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